Inside Music Today

Inside Music Today is a music program that is basically a forum to showcase original music from all music genres.

Folk, rock, rap, jazz, country, instrumental–any original piece that you can perform can be featured on Inside Music Today.

Inside Music Today began in 1995 and was originated by Room Two Productions president Bill O’Brien.  Over these last 15 years, hundreds of artists have been featured on the show.

Bill’s motto is:  “If you wrote it and can perform it, you can be on the show.”

The original Inside Music Today features an artist’s performances plus interview.  Here’s a sample of our interview with Wet Wednesday:

The expanded show, Inside Music Today in Concert, features several artists’ performances without interviews.

Inside Music Today is now open to any new combination of formats.  Contact us with any ideas you may have.

Twilite Concert Series

Twilite Concert Series was the idea of Gretchen O’Brien, Room Two Productions Associate Producer. Sensing the need to bring local summer concerts in the parks to those who may not be able to attend, Gretchen proposed filming and televising these performances. In 1996, Twilite Concert Series was born.

An unbelievable amount of talent is featured throughout the summer in our local parks. Twilite Concert Series attempts to bring a bit of that to local viewers.

The project grew at summer’s end to include schools’ music and choral concerts, marching band competitions, winter guard competitions, BC Western Honors Band and All South Jersey Band performances.