Inside Music Today: August 11 Show

I have to start off my note to everyone with some disappointment on our part.  Due to a technical problem with our show tape at WMCN, we must re-run last week’s show again this week.  It is a wonderful show, that I enjoyed immensely last week, and I’m sure everyone will enjoy again.  It’s just a disappointment to us at IMT, because we try our very best to present a new program to you each week.

Our August 11 MIDNIGHT show will be an encore presentation of Tommy ConwellLisa Bouchelle & Bob Burger, plus vintage footage of Dave WeberSic Vikki and LeCompt!

To all the acts that were informed last week that they would be on IMT August 11, I’m sorry you must wait one more week to be seen on broadcast TV.  To VoltLiquid IslandThe Genies and Escape Plan, I send our sincere apologies.

Tune in on August 18 at MIDNIGHT for original Hollystock performances by VoltLiquid IslandThe Genies and Escape Plan!

We are all working hard here at IMT to bring some new segments to the program beginning in the fall.  We wish to bring our audience information about the music business in and around the Philadelphia area.  Hopefully this information will be helpful to our up-and-coming artists.

Until then, I hope you enjoy our encore presentation this week and the Hollystock footage on next week’s show.

Thank you so much for watching and being a part of our IMT family!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our show archives! And don’t forget to support our wonderful who make it possible for IMT to bring original music to the Delaware Valley airwaves.


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