Inside Music Today January 12 Show

Tonight is the night for Volt fans to experience another song taped at Dr. Lou’s Place a few weeks back.  Then we return to The Legendary Dobbs for performances from Nytrous, Blue Heather and Angel Casiano.

See it now on YouTube!

We’ve ventured back into our archives in the planning of the January 19th show.  We pulled out performances from different events we have covered in past years.  I’m sure you will all enjoy these groups in these different venues.  Back in the day we taped our shows mostly at O’Hara’s in Riverside.  So from O’Hara’s we’re bringing you Modern Day Profits, plus a bit of their interview from the IMT couch.

Then from the Cherrywood we have Mother Redcap.  I’m sure Rodger Delany and  Steve Oakley will enjoy watching themselves from those fun days.  The Trump Boyz are coming to us from The Trocadero in Philly and A Different Taste from a club in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Enjoy the show, and don’t forget to thank our sponsors!



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