IMT Anniversary Concert and Tonight’s Program

Despite all of yesterday’s rain, Croft Farm is ready for us, so the concert will begin as scheduled at 2 PM TODAY!

Rockfest 009This afternoon, all your favorite bands will take this stage and rock Cherry Hill! We hope you’re as excited as we are to celebrate our 19th anniversary with a day of music. We’re thrilled that yesterday’s rain didn’t get in the way of today’s plans for a fun day of music.

Due to some technical problems with our edit system, we will be rerunning the June 1 show this week.  We apologize for this problem. It’ll be a concert recap with music by No Commitment and Volt!

The show that should have run June 8 will run June 15, featuring The Black Feathers from England.  Then from a fundraiser we taped at the Coastline several years ago, we will present a song from Blue Heather.  The same evening, Danny & the Juniors performed also.  We have that song that also features Angel Casiano, who we did not know at the time.  How cool it is that Angel now works with us!

We are also featuring a song from Artisan, for which we’ve had many accolades.  So, for their many fans, here it is again!


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