Inside Music Today June 22 Show

Our June 22 MIDNIGHT show consists entirely of Croft Farm Rockfest footage: original songs by No Commitment, Dr. Lou & the Privileged Few, The Count Josephine Band and Volt.

Tune in on June 29 at MIDNIGHT for Rockfest performances by If All Else Fails, The Defused, Lore Constantine and Bill O’Brien & Friends playing “Arrive Alive.” This is Bill’s original song, and his Rockfest performance was backed up by Dr. Lou, Angel Casiano and John Moceri.

Next week I’ll have some upcoming events IMT will be attending over the summer.  We’ll let you know what events are ahead.  You just may have some free time and would like to be a part of a taping or two.

Remember to thank our sponsors for their generous support! Support them as a “thank you” for their contributions to keeping local original music on TV!


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