Inside Music Today, Sept 7

This week’s show includes 2 live videos and 2 concept videos.  We are featuring concept videos from Angel Casiano and Nightspell 13.  These two videos have intros from Lou Kramer that we taped the day we were in Wildwood.

Angel Casiano
Angel Casiano

We have Cintron bringing us their excellent Latin sound taped live at the Coastline.  Then we’re back at Dr. Lou’s Place having a really fun evening with Dick & the Deer Gutters.

Next week we return to The Stone Pony for another performance from Volt. Thank you, Volt, for such a fun evening!  Roz King, a new singer songwriter we met at Dr. Lou’s Place, will be featured on this show also.

Artisan is back, this time with a concept video of a Mike Birnbaum song.  This was recorded quite a few years ago, but it is still a really cool video.  Also from the IMT archives, we’ve got Scooter Butler performing a song that just sticks in your head.  You’ll see!

Artists, family & friends of artists and fans, we’ll post soon about the information IMT needs from all of you for our new segments.  Sorry it has taken so long but these are very hectic days at IMT.  Thanks for hanging in there for us!

Enjoy the weekend and Inside Music Today!


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