Inside Music Today, September 28 at MIDNIGHT

This week’s show features several bands recorded at Dr. Lou’s Place. We have the third song from Dick & the Deer Gutters from a fun evening last month.  Also from Dr. Lou’s, a song from The Union, who Bill will be appearing with at the end of October.  More details on that gig on next week’s “What’s Up” segment!

If All Else Fails
If All Else Fails

We have another song recorded at Dr. Lou’s from If All Else Fails.  Then we have a tune from Dr. Lou himself taped at Burlington Center Mall a few weeks ago.

Bill dipped into the archives for a tune from Nevergreen, who was one of my favorite groups from the early IMT days.  Also on this show, we have Blue Heather recorded at Dobbs in Philly.

We are all busy here at IMT working on new special shows.  Anyone who has an idea for something new for IMT, please e-mail or call.   We’ve received several really good ideas for new upcoming shows, so if you have an idea, please get in touch with us.

Artists don’t forget, we need info about you!  Let us know where you’re performing, etc.  We’ll get the word out there!  Also, anyone with completed concept videos, let us know.  IMT is the way to let the whole Delaware Valley know about your music!

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend.  Enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out IMT at midnight Saturday!


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