Inside Music Today October 19 Show

I do want to send out a special get well message to our friend Dave Livingston.  Bill featured his band Box of Roxx last week, without knowing Dave was in the hospital.  Somehow Bill has a sixth sense and always seems to feature someone on the show when they need it the most.  We were so glad to hear that Dave was able to view the show from his hospital bed.  Dave, we are wishing you a speedy recovery and all the best for the future!

Half Daze appearing at the Stone Pony
Half Daze appearing at the Stone Pony

I hope all is well with the artists Bill has picked to feature this week.  We have songs from No Commitment, If All Else Fails, The Trump Boyz, Half Daze and Artisan.

We are nearing our 100th episode of IMT on WMCN.  Bill & I have dedicated the majority of our lives these past 2 years to keeping original music on TV throughout the Delaware Valley.  It’s hard to believe we are almost up to episode 100.

Enjoy the artists we are featuring tonight and come out to Dr. Lou’s on Friday, October 25, and be part of the TV taping of Riverz Edge.  The show starts at 9 PM and we’re expecting it to be a rockin’ evening with a great crowd!  The results of this taping will air on the November 2 episode.  If you are there that evening, you’ll be on TV!


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