Inside Music Today: October 12

Ginger Coyle
Ginger Coyle

This week’s show features Dr. Lou & the Privileged Few from a fun evening at Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA.

We also have Ginger Coyle from the summer Breast Cancer Fundraiser held at Dr. Lou’s Place.

Our friend and sponsor John Carr from John’s Guitar Shop in Columbus Farmers Market is featured in both Destination Unknown and The Count Josephine Band, in a then and now comparison.

Another long time friend, Dave Livingston, performs on this show also, with his band Box of Roxx.

On Friday, October 25th, IMT will be at Dr. Lou’s Place taping Riverz Edge. The show begins at 9 PM, so come on down and be a part of a TV taping!

On the same evening, Dick & the Deer Gutters will be performing at the Harrisburg Music & Arts Center.  If you’ll be in the area and would like to attend, go to their website, and I’m sure you can get more details there.

Thank you to all who make our show possible:  artists, sponsors and fans.  It’s great to work with our artists and work for our sponsors and fans.

Inside Music Today: Heavy Music from our Archives

This week’s show revisits IMT’s early years.  I’m not sure into which specific genre each band fits, whether it be Post-Metal, Black Metal, Thrash, Grunge or Gothic.  But I do know one thing, this music is heavy!

We have Wicked Desire, Vicious Circle, Grunt, Black Valentine and Chaos Theory all on one show.  So tune in Saturday at midnight for one entire show of HEAVY music!

We are in the planning stages of some upcoming Road Shows, so everyone will have to wait until next week for the October 12th bands.

I am hoping to have some road show dates next week also.

Enjoy this warm wonderful weather as long as it lasts!

Inside Music Today, September 28 at MIDNIGHT

This week’s show features several bands recorded at Dr. Lou’s Place. We have the third song from Dick & the Deer Gutters from a fun evening last month.  Also from Dr. Lou’s, a song from The Union, who Bill will be appearing with at the end of October.  More details on that gig on next week’s “What’s Up” segment!

If All Else Fails
If All Else Fails

We have another song recorded at Dr. Lou’s from If All Else Fails.  Then we have a tune from Dr. Lou himself taped at Burlington Center Mall a few weeks ago.

Bill dipped into the archives for a tune from Nevergreen, who was one of my favorite groups from the early IMT days.  Also on this show, we have Blue Heather recorded at Dobbs in Philly.

We are all busy here at IMT working on new special shows.  Anyone who has an idea for something new for IMT, please e-mail or call.   We’ve received several really good ideas for new upcoming shows, so if you have an idea, please get in touch with us.

Artists don’t forget, we need info about you!  Let us know where you’re performing, etc.  We’ll get the word out there!  Also, anyone with completed concept videos, let us know.  IMT is the way to let the whole Delaware Valley know about your music!

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend.  Enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out IMT at midnight Saturday!

What’s Up? IMT 9/21 Show and More!

Singer/songwriter, sponsor and friend:  Dr. Lou!
Singer/songwriter, sponsor and friend: Dr. Lou!

On tonight’s show we are featuring Artisan, The Rockerfellas from PARX Casino and our friends from England, The Black Feathers.  We are bringing you a performance from Dr. Lou at the Burlington Center Mall, with info about upcoming family dinner shows he will be hosting.

We have our Q&A segment, this time a question for If All Else Fails.

Then we are premiering my new “What’s Up?” segment with upcoming events and news from our family of artists.

Next week Dick and the Deer Gutters return along with Dr. Lou, a song from If All Else Fails and from the IMT archives, one of my favorite bands from IMT’s past, Nevergreen.

Last night Room Two Productions had the pleasure of digitally recording Burlington County Footlighters production of Little Shop of Horrors.  What an exceptional performance!  The musical numbers, as well as the acting, were superb.  Especially if you enjoy harmony, this is the production to see. Tickets are available for the Sept. 21, 22, 27 & 28 performances.  Just call 856-829-7144 or visit

Don’t forget to check out VOLT tomorrow at 2 PM at The Stone Pony. And tomorrow evening at 6:45 pm, Dr. Lou & the Privileged Few at PARX Casino in Bensalem.

Artists, we also need your info for our “What’s Up?” segment.  And from our fans, questions for our artists.

Thanks so much to everyone for watching Inside Music Today!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Inside Music Today, Sept. 14

Volt at croft farm rockfest
Volt performing in the Croft Farm Rockfest this summer

This week’s show takes us back to The Stone Pony with another Volt song taped a few weeks back.  We’re featuring a concept video from Artisan, written by Mike Birnbaum, about his experience being hit by a drunk driver.  A wonderfully put together video that I hope makes people think twice about drinking and driving.

We’re also featuring Roz King, a singer/songwriter who is new to our area.  We met him at Dr. Lou’s Place several weeks ago.  Then Bill dipped into the IMT archives for Scooter Butler and a song that always sticks in my head for days after hearing it.  You’ll see!

Next week will be the first week for our new “What’s Up?” segment and the beginning of our new Q&A segment.  The performing bands will be announced during the week on our Facebook page.

I do want to announce that the one and only Dr. Lou is having the Karen Qwinn Cervical Cancer benefit today, September 14th, 2 to 6 pm, at Dr. Lou’s Place.  If you’re in the mood for Good Music, a Full Buffet and a Silent Auction, head on over to Dr. Lou’s and support a great cause.

We’re busy everyday out there looking for new acts and fun things for Inside Music Today.  Any ideas for the show?  Shoot us an e-mail. Remember, we need info for ‘What’s Up?’ and questions for our Q&A.  Give us your info and we’ll get it out there.  Ask us the questions and we’ll get the answers!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Image credit:  Craig Kupper

Inside Music Today, Sept 7

This week’s show includes 2 live videos and 2 concept videos.  We are featuring concept videos from Angel Casiano and Nightspell 13.  These two videos have intros from Lou Kramer that we taped the day we were in Wildwood.

Angel Casiano
Angel Casiano

We have Cintron bringing us their excellent Latin sound taped live at the Coastline.  Then we’re back at Dr. Lou’s Place having a really fun evening with Dick & the Deer Gutters.

Next week we return to The Stone Pony for another performance from Volt. Thank you, Volt, for such a fun evening!  Roz King, a new singer songwriter we met at Dr. Lou’s Place, will be featured on this show also.

Artisan is back, this time with a concept video of a Mike Birnbaum song.  This was recorded quite a few years ago, but it is still a really cool video.  Also from the IMT archives, we’ve got Scooter Butler performing a song that just sticks in your head.  You’ll see!

Artists, family & friends of artists and fans, we’ll post soon about the information IMT needs from all of you for our new segments.  Sorry it has taken so long but these are very hectic days at IMT.  Thanks for hanging in there for us!

Enjoy the weekend and Inside Music Today!

August 31 Inside Music Today

We are very busy at IMT preparing new show segments for our upcoming fall season.  These new segments require the assistance of our family of artists and their families, friends and fans.  Shortly I will be sending out an email that will explain how everyone who wishes to be a part of Inside Music Today can participate.  Watch for this in the next few days.

Volt at the Stone Pony
Volt at the Stone Pony

Tonight’s show will feature Volt.  We traveled to Asbury Park recently to catch Volt’s performance at The Stone Pony and they didn’t disappoint. Amazing band, fabulous venue and you’re at the shore!  What a terrific way to spend a Saturday evening!  Thanks guys for a fantastic time!

We also have the 3rd and final song from Riverz Edge that we recorded at the Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Dr. Lou’s Place.  From what I’ve been told, we will be working with Riverz Edge quite a bit more in the near future.

We round out the show with a concept video from our good friend Edgardo Cintron and the band Cintron.  This video keeps with our summer theme since it was filmed in Florida.  An incredible video that all will enjoy.

Next week Cintron will return, this time recorded live at The Coastline in Cherry Hill.  Dick & the Deer Gutters will also return along with a concept video from Angel Casiano.

Remember to watch for my email concerning what we need from you to bring these new segments to IMT! If you don’t get our emails, check the sidebar on the right and enter your email address in the box labeled “Get Our Email Updates!”

Local news website Cinnaminson Patch posted an excellent article about If All Else Fails today. We love seeing talented young bands getting great publicity and playing great venues!

Have a marvelous Labor Day weekend!!!

August 24 IMT

Last Friday and Saturday were very busy days for IMT.  On Friday we headed down to Wildwood to tape some new intro spots for IMT and Saturday we met up with Volt in Asbury Park to catch their performance at The Stone Pony.  Some of the results of these shoots will be aired this week and next.

First this week’s show.  We ran into No Commitment on Adventure Pier in Wildwood.  We took advantage of the situation to tape a sneak preview of a new show segment.  This Q&A segment will be a regular segment beginning in the fall.  So continue to e-mail us your questions for the bands and we’ll get the answers.  This week we’ve got a question and answer with No Commitment.

Jim Mitchell & the Repeat Offenders
Jim Mitchell & the Repeat Offenders

We stayed to enjoy and record 2 new originals from No Commitment and you’ll see them on this show.  They put on a terrific performance on the pier that evening and we were happy to be there to catch it.

The previous Sunday, we recorded several songs from Dick and the Deer Gutters at Dr. Lou’s Place in Roebling, NJ and this show features the first of those tunes.

Bill dipped into the IMT archives to feature a song from The Jim Mitchell Band from years back.  So glad to find out Jim is still out there performing and now the band is Jim Mitchell & the Repeat Offenders.  We are hoping to catch up with him soon and bring more of his originals to our stage!

Next week we will feature footage of Volt at The Stone Pony, Riverz Edge from Dr. Lou’s Place and concept videos from Angel Casiano and Cintron.

Keep on watching.  Lots of new and exciting stuff coming your way from Inside Music Today!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Inside Music Today August 17 Show

This week’s show features our first-ever taping at Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA.  Bill and Rob were there by invitation of Angel Casiano, who was performing with his band, The Rockerfellas.

Lisa Bouchelle
Lisa Bouchelle

We also have an original song from Lisa Bouchelle, accompanied by Bob Burger from an evening at The Record Collector in Bordentown. Then Bill dipped into the IMT archives for Room With A View and Rhythm Circus.  All together, this is a great night of entertainment.

Next week Amenti Rover returns along with the third song we taped with Riverz Edge.  Then from this past Sunday at Dr. Lou’s Place, we are premiering the first of three songs we taped from Dick and the Deer Gutters.  We may even have a sneak peak at a portion of a new up-and-coming show segment for the fall season.

This is a hectic weekend for IMT.  Friday, the 16th, we were in Wildwood taping for the Labor Day Weekend show.  We found out No Commitment would be there at the Adventure Pier from 6:15 to 8:15.  Bill sang a song with them, which just added to the fun!

Then on Saturday, the 17th, Volt will be appearing at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park in Pony-Palooza.  20 bands, an all ages show, doors open at 6 pm and Volt goes on at 7:10.  We’ll be there to get this recorded for future IMT episodes.

So get on out there and enjoy what’s left of the summer and hear some exceptional music along the way.

Have a fun weekend; we certainly will!

August 10 on Inside Music Today

This week’s show features more from the Breast Cancer Fundraiser taped at Dr. Lou’s Place.  Riverz Edge, Ginger Coyle and Underground Rats have new music on this show and we are bringing another original from Amenti Rover at the Rock Out Hunger event.

underground rats
Underground Rats

IMT also has a TV taping scheduled at Dr. Lou’s Place on Sunday, August 11th.  Taping begins around 7 pm.  Come on out and check out Dick & the Deer Gutters rockin’ out their originals for IMT.  Dr. Lou will be taping some new songs also.  Then the fun continues with Mike & Flora‘s open mic.  A great night of music and a chance to get on TV!

Next Saturday night we have a performance from the Rockerfellas, taped just last Sunday at PARX Casino.  The other performances have not been determined as of this date.  Updates will be on Facebook as soon as we have everything settled.

I do want to invite everyone to come down to Wildwood this coming Friday, August 16th.  IMT will be there to tape some upcoming new segments for the show.  We are also going to catch No Commitment performing at Morey’s Piers from 6:15 to 8:15 pm.  I’m sure they’re going to put on a great show, so come on down and catch their performance!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!