IMT’s failure to air on Saturday night 2/23

To All Artists, Fans and IMT Supporters,

We want to apologize that Inside Music Today failed to air last night.  This problem lies solely with the station that broadcasts our show, WMCN.  We spoke with our rep briefly this morning.  She will not have an explanation for this occurrence until she speaks with the techs sometime tomorrow.

We want to apologize to the artists who were featured on the program and the fans that watch faithfully.  With so many new opportunities that lie ahead for IMT, we feel this is only a temporary interruption.   

During the brief conversation I had this morning with our rep,  I’ve been told the station will make this up to us by giving us a makegood date.  When I have any further information, I will send it to everyone.

In the meantime, we’d like to ask you a huge favor.

Where do YOU watch Inside Music Today? Do you enjoy the show in the comfort of your own living room or head out with friends to watch together over some wings? (We know that many IMT fans are partial to the wings at Dr. Lou’s!)

Wherever you watch our show, we’re sure you were disappointed on Saturday night when WMCN did not air our show. We were as disappointed as you were—and just as surprised. At Room Two Productions, we take our responsibility to our bands and fans very seriously. We work hard to deliver our show to the station on time every week so that when Saturday night comes along, Inside Music Today airs at midnight.

Despite our hard work, our show did not air as scheduled on Saturday, February 23. That means that our fans at home did not get to watch, and neither did the many potential fans at Dr. Lou’s.

While we’re doing our best to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, we’d like to ask for a little help from our friends, fans and bands. Please contact WMCN and let them know that you’re disappointed that they did not air the show as scheduled.

We are aware that technical difficulties happen, and we hope that WMCN will do their best to make it right. But they won’t know how many people have been impacted unless our fans tell them. We urge you to send a quick email to WMCN telling them that you missed our show this weekend.

WMCN e-mail address is:

Thank you for any help you can give us!


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